Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just sell the farm?

My brother, when he was alive and myself believe in organic agriculture. We do not believe that the environment can sustain the millions of tons of chemicals being applied to the earth and water annually is sustainable. People need healthy nutritious food and an environment as free of chemicals as possible. Organic farming is a big step along the way. We could easily sell our farm to a conventional farming neighbour but then in all likelihood it would be subject to the use of herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

Is organic farming profitable?

Yes it has been for us. Even though we produce 25 to 35% less bushels per acre [or tonnes per hectare] we generally receive two or more times the price of conventional grains for organic grains in addition to which we do not have any bills for herbicide, herbicide applicators or artificial fertilizer.

When did you receive your organic certification?

We started transitioning our farm for organic certification in 2003. We were first certified in 2008 and had all of our land certified by 2012. At this time we also had our greenhouse, cattle, pigs and chickens certified as well.